Forging Process

Steel Forging, as one of the oldest methods of metalworking, is a drop forging process which involves the use of hammering or pressing techniques to alter the steel’s shape. Compared to casting or other metalworking techniques, forging yields the most desirable physical characteristics—including a very high degree of tensile strength—at an attractive price-point.

Zhongyuan machinery makes these advantages accessible to clients across industries, offering a full range of skilled forging services that meet the needs of myriad applications.

forging process

Forging Equipment:

  • 1600 Ton Double Disc Friction Press
  • 1000 Ton Double Disc Friction Press
  • 400 Ton Double Disc Friction Press
  • Versatility and customize ability
  • Multi-industry suitability

Forging Weight Range:

  • 0.05kg-60kg

The advantages of hot forging:

  • Strong Weight Ratio
  • Strong Weight Ratio
  • Saves on material usage

Forging Process

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